Tailored Atmospheric Science Guidance Solutions

Vertum Partners specializes in applying rigorously-validated atmospheric simulations to renewable energies, operational weather forecasts, and long-term climate dataset construction. Current clients use Vertum products, derived from complex worldwide weather and climate input, for geospatial analyses across a broad range of purposes throughout the private, public, and academic sectors. Vertum also provides support for client needs on intricate meteorological workflows, extreme-scale networks and distributed computing infrastructures. Support also includes expertise in optimizing high-resolution weather and climate simulations using the WRF model. For a list of customers and our capabilities relevant to your industry please contact us directly. (Cameron Whiteman, Managing Partner, cameron@allvertum.com).

Vertum Partners is an inaugural sponsor of the UCLA IoES Corporate Partners Program, where the company is recognized for supporting clean technology development in the greater Los Angeles region. In 2011, Vertum was awarded a highly competitive grant from the DOE Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program to propel Vertum’s research and development in the renewable energy field.